Three simple steps to buy at the price you want

1. Check the offers

Look at the price of a product which you are interested in.

Check the offers

2. Click on "Reduce"

Just click on the "Reduce" button as many times as you want.

Click on Reduce

3. Watch the new price

After you have clicked, the price of a product goes down!

Watch the new price

it's free

No hidden costs. Credit card is not required.

it's unique

Take advantage of the work of the community and exploit your own reducing power.

Sometimes, to see a price decrease you will be asked to listen to or read a text, to answer questions or to express an opinion. Each interaction is rewarded with a discount on the price of the product and the opportunity to accumulate more discount on your personal piggy bank.

The more you and other people interact, listening, reading and answering questions, the more the price of products goes down!

it's safe

Our role is to ensure that when you express an opinion you are always rewarded.

We value your privacy and think you do too, so no personal data, opinions or comments will be sent to third parties without your explicit consent.

Every time you authorize the use of your opinions or personal data you will be rewarded with an instant product price reduction.