Frequently Asked Questions

What is madai? madai is an innovative web platform which enables users to reduce the prices of the products and services on sale.

Is it a reverse auction? NO it isn't. Price reduction on madai is FREE. No purchase nor payment is needed to apply a price reduction.

Why does the price decrease? Prices decrease because the brands that use madai platform have agreed to reward interacting users by reducing the prices of their products.

How do I reduce the price? To reduce the price you just have to:

  • Choose the product;
  • Click the "Reduce" button;
  • Answer the questions you're asked or follow the instructions you're given.

You could be asked to answer a question, express an opinion, read a text or watch a video. Each interaction is rewarded with a discount, and remember that other users also concur to reduce the price!

What is the Minimum Price and what happens when it is reached? The Minimum Price is the lowest price that can be reached for each product. When it is reached, all users are informed. At this point the price will not decrease any lower: it's time to buy!

Why should I become a Verified User? You become a Verified User when you provide your cell phone number confirming it with a code that madai sends you in a text message. Once you upgrade to Verified User you have many new benefits: you can access all madai campaigns, buy and reduce the price whenever you want , and also you receive the Verified User Bonus.

What is the Verified User Bonus? This is a bonus you gain when you become a Verified User. It offers you an extra discount on your first purchase, which can be used for any product of any campaign, but only once. It is the bonus you use for your first purchase on madai.

What is a GoodFellow User? You become a GoodFellow User once you have completed all the tasks you're asked to fulfil. From this point onwards you can check the price reductions obtained by the interaction of other users by clicking the "Reduce" button. Once you've become a GoodFellow user you can check the campaign anytime to see the new price.

What happens when I complete all the tasks? Once you have completed all your tasks, you can invite your friends to join the platform. The more users interact, the more the price decreases.

How can I proceed with the purchase? You just have to click the "Buy" button before someone else does. You can interact with the platform as long as you want and can buy the product as soon as you are satisfied with the price.

Is madai SAFE? madai is absolutely safe! We accept all major credit cards and payments are made through PayPal. We are committed to handling users' information with high standards of information security. Your credit card number is transmitted via secure connection directly to the payment gateway and it is never saved on our servers: the transaction applies to all standard security measures.

Can I create more than one account on madai? No you can't, users are allowed to have only one account each. madai has the right to verify any violation of this rule and to suspend the accounts of transgressors.

What is madai's privacy policy? madai guarantees you are rewarded every time you express an opinion or you share your personal data. Whenever you submit your data or opinion you are rewarded with an immediate price reduction.

Is any personal information collected by madai during registration of the account, especially my cell phone number, shared or sold to third parties? Absolutely NOT. Your cell phone number is requested only to verify your account. It will not be disclosed nor used for any other purpose.

Does madai sell my data and personal information to third parties? NO, we do not. Unlike many social networks and other platforms we do not sell your data. Quite the opposite we put big effort in protecting them and valorizing them, by guaranteeing that every time you decide to give an information or share an opinion you are rewarded with a price reduction. With madai your data is stored safe like in a bank. You choose if and when to monetize them by taking part in a madai campaign and giving the promoter of that campaign access to the data and information asked.

What does madai get out of it? Our business model is based on a subscription to the madai platform for the company promoter of the campaign. Through madai these companies can ask information and opinions directly to the final users as long as they agree to reward them with a price reduction on a product or service.

If none of the products on sale at the moment interest me, do I still obtain benefits by subscribing? If you create and verify your account you will obtain the Verified User Bonus, which can be used in your first purchase on madai.

How do I invite a friend to join madai? There are many ways to invite your friends to join madai. In every campaign you will find the links you need to invite your friends from Twitter and/or Facebook.

What do my friends have to do once I invite them? They just have to participate in the campaign and answer the questions, thus concurring to reduce the price.

Why should I invite my friends to join madai? Because the more people interact, the faster the price of the product you're interested in goes down.

Do I get a greater discount if I invite a lot of people? Yes you do, because the more people participate, the more the price decreases!

How many people can I invite? There are no limits to the number of people you may invite.